I’m Vijay Tupakula.
I design the future.


I am the co-founder of Cate AI - A Virtual Phone assistant for restaurants that answers incoming calls to take orders and answer questions

I also tinker lot of machines or electronic devices to create a better home, Yes, lot of home automation. I post my home automation tutorials and demos on TikTok if you are interested


I started learning web technologies in 2006, at the age of 15, with html. I remember getting excited with html and css. I am self-learner and from that day I started exploring internet aiming to earn money with the skills I had at that time, its fun looking back at the web pages I used to make. Got one of my blog approved for google ad sense after lot of tries, the blog is based on Ethical Hacking, yes I have spent enough time to learn myself about Ethical hacking.

Around 2008 (during my Bachelors Degree), I discovered PHP and developed few dynamic websites. I used to contact local store owners and develop them small applications which were used by them for while. During my Bachelors degree, I was good at one thing for sure, programming. I fell in love with programming and decided to explore in this area.

Around 2012, I got a partime job from PHPPOS for the skills I have like php, mysql, codeigniter, html, css, jquery and I am good at them. While my part time goes well as a backend developer with minimum html and css work, I explored into themeforest market where I could sell my own themes, to do that I have to be really good at themes and after applying for more than 17 times, one of my item is approved and during this process of approval (8 months) I got really good with designing too. That is the time I started my own company Bootstrap Guru . My part time job and startup demanded me to learn lot of things as a web developer and I really liked it.

Over the years, I have worked on many freelance projects working to individuals and big companies. I have gained lot of skills on web development and few years ago fell in love with javascript (mainly es6 and VueJS). I have worked on many of own projects too and the big one of them is Larapos I lead many projects with many developers, reviewed the code, distribute the work basing on their skills, choose the best the technologies for a project. I have successfully completed custom projects to production.

I am also interested in Internet of things and using javascript I made lot of hardware projects. Lot of Sim Racing