Digital Movie Poster

🚀 Digital Movie Poster

Instructions on how to get the URL

To use this project, You need to get an API Key from the

Create an account on

Then goto settings, Goto API section and click on get API Key

Fill the form shown as above

Grab the API key says API Key (v3 auth) or use the below link once you login

Once you have the API Key, Replace the XXXXXXX in the following url and use it on your TV browser to play the slideshow of the latest TV shows.

Source code (Github)

My plans to improve this application:

Show Latest Movies in Theaters, DVDs, Streaming.

Ability to configure which one which one of the above to show

Ability to choose Platforms like HBO, Netflix, Disney, etc.

Show extra info on the poster if needed like IMDB Rating, Now on playing on HBO, Netflix, etc.