I launched a product in less than a week

πŸ“”Β Story

In 2021, one of my colleagues left the company to pursue a Product Role at a startup. I wanted to buy a physical book that gives more insights and helps her in the new role but it's going to be a matter of privacy if I ask her where she lives. So, I bought an Amazon gift card, sent her the amazon product link, and asked her to buy herself, yeah I know not so clean job.

Previous year, I wanted to send something nice for my reports at work whom I manage but couldn't do it because I cannot ask their addresses. And few more situations like this seemed like a recurring problem to me.

a week ago, I have seen someone post on Indie hacker platform about this problem (sorry can't find the thread) and then did some digging around to see if this is the actual problem for anyone else and stumbled upon Quora questions, amazon feature requests. Seemed like a pain point, So I thought to give it a try and challenged myself to launch this in less than a week without spending too much time. 1 week is not a huge investment considering we (me and my wife) have full-time jobs and a toddler to manage πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

I have passed the idea to my wife and she is instantly on board with me to quickly create an MVP. She is also a full stack developer and we are full hands on until we got this ready in week. That's how Surprise Gift is born.

πŸ›’ The Product

https://surprisegiftto.com it is easy to use form where you can let us know what product to send them and we will generate a unique link so that you can share it with the receiver or we will request if you provide their email id. Once we receive the shipping information, we will order the product and deliver it 🎁 .