My Media room setup that feels like a theater and price breakdown of each device.


The following table contains some affiliate links from Amazon. The table has full price break down and links to each product excluding the tax. I would say including tax, its close around 20K. The speakers are totally worth it at its price. I have also listed a best buy total tech membership in one of the rows which will give you a free installation depending on your attic access, its usually costs lot for the installation but with membership it costs only $200 and the best part is, they will use their wire while the installation which usually costs $400.

🛒 The Products

Samsung Projector6000
Projector Screen2700
Denon Receiver X4700 (affliate link)1499
Sonance Speakers 5.11499
pair of speakers for the Front heights 169
pair of speakers for the middle heights 169
Best Buy Total Tech (this will give you free speaker installation199
Playstation PS5 Console (affiliate link)559
PS5 Cosmic Red Controller (affiliate link)75
Recliner Sofa 5 seating From Living Spaces4500
Ikea Smart Blinds (3 of them)507
Universal Smart Remote (affiliate link)45